17/03/20 – Announcement

LCCC Pastoral Team has decided to suspend all church activities until further notice. As the numbers infected by the Coronavirus is escalating every day, the church has closely followed the government advice and guidelines which was issued on Thursday 12th March 2020. The church will adopt and roll out more advice and guidelines in accordance with the government and keep the church members updated. Click here for more details (PDF).

If you have any queries please email us.

God Bless you, keep praying and be in health

13/03/20 – Important announcement

LCCC Pastoral Team are aware that the number of people infected by Coronavirus is escalating everyday. We do not know who has been infected until they start to show symptoms.

On Thursday, our Government has issued advice and guidelines to help delay the epidemic.

The Pastoral Team wants to protect all those who regularly worship with us. In loving each other within and outside the church, they have decided to suspend Sunday worship services as from this Sunday 15th March, until further notice.

If you have any queries please email us.

God Bless you and keep praying and Be in health